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Doctor Who

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  • Science Fiction

Doctor Who follows the Doctor, a Time Lord, and his companions, through space and time.

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  • United Kingdom
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  • English
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  • BBC One
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S/E Description Aired Runtime
S01 E01 Rose 46 minutes
S01 E02 The End of the World 47 minutes
S01 E03 The Unquiet Dead 47 minutes
S01 E04 Aliens of London 47 minutes
S01 E05 World War Three 45 minutes
S01 E06 Dalek 48 minutes
S01 E07 The Long Game 47 minutes
S01 E08 Father's Day 45 minutes
S01 E09 The Empty Child 44 minutes
S01 E010 The Doctor Dances 45 minutes
S01 E011 Boom Town 45 minutes
S01 E012 Bad Wolf 45 minutes
S01 E013 The Parting of the Ways 48 minutes
S00 E01 The Christmas Invasion 62 minutes
S02 E01 New Earth 46 minutes
S02 E02 Tooth and Claw 47 minutes
S02 E03 School Reunion 46 minutes
S02 E04 The Girl in the Fireplace 47 minutes
S02 E05 Rise of the Cybermen 48 minutes
S02 E06 The Age of Steel 48 minutes
S02 E07 The Idiot's Lantern 47 minutes
S02 E08 The Impossible Planet 47 minutes
S02 E09 The Satan Pit 49 minutes
S02 E010 Love & Monsters 48 minutes
S02 E011 Fear Her 46 minutes
S02 E012 Army of Ghosts 45 minutes
S02 E013 Doomsday 49 minutes
S00 E02 The Runaway Bride 63 minutes
S03 E01 Smith and Jones 47 minutes
S03 E02 The Shakespeare Code 48 minutes
S03 E03 Gridlock 47 minutes
S03 E04 Daleks in Manhattan 49 minutes
S03 E05 Evolution of the Daleks 49 minutes
S03 E06 The Lazarus Experiment 45 minutes
S03 E07 42 48 minutes
S03 E08 Human Nature 47 minutes
S03 E09 The Family of Blood 45 minutes
S03 E010 Blink 46 minutes
S03 E011 Utopia 48 minutes
S03 E012 The Sound of Drums 48 minutes
S03 E013 Last of the Time Lords 54 minutes
S00 E03 Voyage of the Damned 75 minutes
S04 E01 Partners in Crime
The Doctor and Donna Noble are on to a corporation selling a weight loss pill that is too good to be true.
51 minutes
S04 E02 The Fires of Pompeii
The Doctor and Donna Noble travel to Pompeii on the eve of the eruption of the volcano.
51 minutes
S04 E03 Planet of the Ood
The Doctor and Donna Noble find themselves on the planet of the Ood, home of an alien species who’s only purpose is to serve humans.
46 minutes
S04 E04 The Sontaran Stratagem
The Doctor is called for help by Martha Jones because earth faced suspicious car accidents at the very same time all over the planet.
47 minutes
S04 E05 The Poison Sky
When the the Sontarans plan to invade earth, the Doctor must stop them.
47 minutes
S04 E06 The Doctor's Daughter
The Tardis brings the Doctor, Donna Noble and Martha Jones into a post-apocalyptic world where humans and the Hath has been at war ever since they can remember.
47 minutes
S04 E07 The Unicorn and the Wasp
The Doctor and Donna Noble travel to the 1920ies and meet Agathe Christie on the eve of her disappearance. An unexpected murder takes place that needs to be solved by the three of them.
47 minutes
S04 E08 Silence in the Library
The Doctor and Donna Noble visit the biggest library in the universe only to find it abandoned - at first glance.
45 minutes
S04 E09 Forest of the Dead
The Doctor and the people in the library find out where the shadows come from and who the computer in the library is.
48 minutes
S04 E010 Midnight
The Doctor joins a guided tour to a planet made of diamonds. However, the vehicle breaks down and suddenly there is a knocking on the outside of the hull.
46 minutes
S04 E011 Turn Left
A fortune teller reads Donna Noble’s pawn, only to change her past and creating a parallel world where the Doctor is dead.
52 minutes
S04 E012 The Stolen Earth
Suddenly the earth seems to have changed its place and is surrounded by 26 planets.
48 minutes
S04 E013 Journey's End
As the Daleks are about to destroy every being in the universe, the Doctor has to stop them.
66 minutes
S00 E04 The Next Doctor
The Doctor visits London in the 19th century and stumbles upon a person who calls himself “the Doctor” and has a companion. Together they face the cybermen.
61 minutes
S00 E05 Planet of the Dead
The Doctor is pulled on a desert planet through a wormhole and must get back to earth.
59 minutes
S05 E01 The Eleventh Hour
“Prisoner Zero” escaped and is on the run on planet earth. The Doctor helps finding him to prevent retaliation from the authorities.
63 minutes
S05 E02 The Beast Below
The Doctor and Amy Pond visit Spaceship UK, only to find out something seems wrong, yet no one seems to know anything about it.
41 minutes
S05 E03 Victory of the Daleks
The Doctor and Amy Pond meet Winston Churchill, who created a super weapon to win the war: Daleks.
41 minutes
S05 E04 The Time of Angels
The Doctor and Amy Pond are looking for a weeping angel in a huge abandoned ruin.
41 minutes
S05 E05 Flesh and Stone
The Doctor and Amy Pond find themselves in a trap by the Weeping Angels, and must find their way out of it.
42 minutes
S05 E06 The Vampires of Venice
The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory visit Venice in the year 1580, only to meet a family of Vampires that hunts young Venetian girls.
47 minutes
S05 E07 Amy's Choice
The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory find themselves trapped in two worlds, and must find out which one is the real one.
43 minutes
S05 E08 The Hungry Earth
A local drill site in Cwmtaff threatens an insect-like life form living in the depth of the earth.
43 minutes
S05 E09 Cold Blood
The conflict between the Silurians and humans intensifies, as each side has hostages and not everyone is willing to find a peaceful solution.
45 minutes
S05 E010 Vincent and the Doctor
At a Vincent van Gogh exhibition, the Doctor and Amy Pond spot an odd creature in one of the paintings. They travel back in time to find out more about it.
46 minutes
S05 E011 The Lodger
Accidentally separated, the Doctor finds himself in a house where people are disappearing, while Amy Pond is trapped in the TARDIS.
41 minutes
S05 E012 The Pandorica Opens
The Doctor is warned that his TARDIS will explode by a painting of Vincent van Gogh. The Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory and River follow the clues left in the painting to find the pandorica, a mythical sort-of prison.
49 minutes
S05 E013 The Big Bang
Trapped in an alternate reality and the TARDIS about to explode, the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory and River need to save the “real” world from collapse.
54 minutes
S00 E06 The Waters of Mars
The doctor visits Mars and encounters the first human colony on the planet. When their lives are at risk due to a water contamination, the Doctor must make a difficult decision.
62 minutes
S00 E07 The End of Time: Part One
Harold “The Master” Saxon is brought back to live, but is on the brink of insanity, and slowly dying. The Doctor wants to help him, only to find out that the Master plans to take over humanity.
60 minutes
S00 E08 The End of Time: Part Two
As the Master turned every human being into himself, and the Timelords appear to end the universe, the Doctor must fight both of them at once to save humanity.
73 minutes
S00 E09 A Christmas Carol
The spaceship Amy and Rory Pond are on is about to crash on an alien planet. As their emergency landing is denied, Amy asks the Doctor for help.
62 minutes
S06 E01 The Impossible Astronaut
Freshly married, Amy and Rory Pond receive a TARDIS-blue letter only containing a time and a location.
44 minutes
S06 E02 Day of the Moon
An alien species has been living on earth, undetected for centuries. The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River are looking for a little girl in an astronaut suit that might be the key to everything.
46 minutes
S06 E03 The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond land on a pirate ship that is haunted by a curse, killing its crew.
45 minutes
S06 E04 The Doctor's Wife
The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond get a distress call from a Time Lord, stating he is outside the universe.
46 minutes
S06 E05 The Rebel Flesh
The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond make an emergency landing next to a 13th century monastery. However, they soon find out to find out that there is something unusual going on.
43 minutes
S06 E06 The Almost People
The worker’s copies in a 13th century monastery turn against their “originals”. The workers see themselves in danger and try to leave the place.
45 minutes
S06 E07 A Good Man Goes to War
Amy Pond is held captive to give birth to her daughter, so the captors can take the child. The Doctor and Rory Pond attempt to rescue her.
48 minutes
S06 E08 Let's Kill Hitler
The TARDIS accidentally crashes into the same room with Adolf Hitler. By doing so, they prevented his assassination by a foreign government, some unexpected events take place.
48 minutes
S06 E09 Night Terrors
George is a young boy scared from monsters in his cupboard. As he whispers to be saved from the monsters at bedtime, his words are transmitted to the Doctor, who then visits the boy to investigate the matter.
43 minutes
S06 E010 The Girl Who Waited
The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond visit a quarantine facility, where Amy accidentally gets trapped in a different time flow. As her time passes with faster, the Doctor and Rory try to bring her back.
46 minutes
S06 E011 The God Complex
The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond find themselves in a place that appears to be a hotel. With the TARDIS suddenly disappeared and rooms full of their nightmares, they must find a way out.
48 minutes
S06 E012 Closing Time
The doctor follows a Cyberman hiding in a mall and chooses an former acquaintance as his companion.
45 minutes
S06 E013 The Wedding of River Song
The Doctor finds himself trapped in an alternate reality as he’s about to die.
45 minutes
S00 E010 The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
The Doctor welcomes a family who just lost their husband and father in World War II, when things go different than planned.
58 minutes
S07 E01 Asylum of the Daleks
The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond are summoned by the Daleks, and asked for help.
49 minutes
S07 E02 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
The Doctor and his friends find themselves on an ark for Dinosaurs, facing the destruction of the ship.
45 minutes
S07 E03 A Town Called Mercy
The Doctor and the Ponds arrive in a town held hostage by a gunslinger looking for the “alien doctor”.
44 minutes
S07 E04 The Power of Three
Suddenly millions of small cubes appear all over earth, apparently doing nothing besides simply existing.
41 minutes
S07 E05 The Angels Take Manhattan
Rory finds himself in 1930 New York, and The Doctor and Amy try so get him back.
44 minutes
S00 E011 The Snowmen
As London in 1892 is haunted by living snowmen, Clara asks The Doctor for help.
60 minutes
S07 E06 The Bells of Saint John
When people connect to a mysterious wireless network, they are uploaded to the cloud and leave back only their body. Clara unknowingly alerts the Doctor for help.
45 minutes
S07 E07 The Rings of Akhaten
The Doctor takes Clara to Askhaten, where they join a religious ceremony. When things go wrong, they step in to help.
44 minutes
S07 E08 Cold War
The Doctor and Clara must stop a Martian Grandmarshall on a Soviet submarine from launching its nuclear missiles.
41 minutes
S07 E09 Hide
The Doctor and Clara are after a ghost in a haunted house.
45 minutes
S07 E010 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
When the TARDIS is captured by a salvage vessel, Clara is trapped in her inside. The Doctor must get her out before it’s too late.
45 minutes
S07 E011 The Crimson Horror
The Doctor and Clara are trapped in a mysterious city in 1893 Yorkshire.
45 minutes
S07 E012 Nightmare in Silver
The Doctor, Clara and the children she’s babysitting, visit “the biggest and best amusement park that will ever be”, but come across Cybermen that were believed to be extinct.
45 minutes
S07 E013 The Name of the Doctor
To save his friends, the Doctor must go to Trenzalore, where his grave lies.
44 minutes
S08 E01 Deep Breath
The Doctor and Clara accidentally bring a dinosaur to London. When the dinosaur disappears, they start investigating.
76 minutes
S00 E012 The Day of the Doctor
After some creatures broke out of their paintings at the National Gallery, the Doctor and Clara are summoned by UNIT to investigate the matter.
80 minutes
S00 E013 The Time of the Doctor
The Doctor and Clara find themselves in a trap after they follow a signal to a planet that turns out to be Trenzalore.
64 minutes
S08 E02 Into the Dalek
The Doctor and Clara are confronted with a very unique Dalek—one who wants to destroy all Daleks.
47 minutes
S08 E03 Robot of Sherwood
The Doctor and Clara visit Robin Hood and are confronted with something out of this world.
46 minutes
S08 E04 Listen
The Doctor follows up on a nightmare he believes every human being experiences it, and suspects there might be more to it because of that fact
48 minutes
S08 E05 Time Heist
The Doctor, Clara, and two strangers find themselves involved in an bank robbery without a memory how they got there.
45 minutes
S08 E06 The Caretaker
The Doctor smuggles himself into Clara’s school by posing as the new caretaker.
45 minutes
S08 E07 Kill the Moon
The Doctor, Clara, and one of her students visit the moon in 2049 and find themselves confronted with humans who want to destroy it due to an unknown incident.
46 minutes
S08 E08 Mummy on the Orient Express
The Doctor and Clara find themselves in a replica of the Orient Express in space where passengers are killed by a Mummy that is only visible to the victim.
47 minutes
S08 E09 Flatline
The Doctor and Clara fight an invisible enemy that takes people leaving only a two-dimensional trace.
43 minutes
S08 E010 In the Forest of the Night
When a forest appeared over night and covered the whole planet, the Doctor, Clara, and Danny try to solve the mystery.
45 minutes
S08 E011 Dark Water
After Danny dies in a car accident, Clara convinces the Doctor to do do something about it.
46 minutes
S08 E012 Death in Heaven
The Doctor and Clara, together with UNIT, must stop the Master who recruited cybermen to destroy humanity.
57 minutes
S00 E014 Last Christmas
The Doctor and Clara face a telepathic enemy on a polar station.
60 minutes
S09 E01 The Magician's Apprentice
On this supposed last day, the Doctor, together with Clara and Missy, are brought to the creator of the Daleks.
46 minutes
S09 E02 The Witch's Familiar
In the Dalek City, the Dalek’s creator reveals to the Doctor that he’s dying, and why he brought the Doctor to him.
48 minutes
S09 E03 Under the Lake
The Doctor and Clara find themselves in an underwater mining facility haunted by ghosts.
43 minutes
S09 E04 Before the Flood
Haunted by ghosts, the Doctor travels back in time in order to save an underwater mining facility.
42 minutes
S09 E05 The Girl Who Died
The Doctor and Clara help a Viking village who’s strongest men have supposedly been taken to Valhalla.
46 minutes
S09 E06 The Woman Who Lived
The Doctor is looking for an artifact, and meets a familiar face.
46 minutes
S09 E07 The Zygon Invasion
After they peacefully lived among humans for years, the Zygons start an invasion to take over the planet.
45 minutes
S09 E08 The Zygon Inversion
The Doctor must prevent a war that is about to start between Zygons and humans.
46 minutes
S09 E09 Sleep No More
The Doctor and Clara join a rescue team that is looking for the missing crew of a space station.
45 minutes
S09 E010 Face The Raven
The Doctor and Clara help a friend who lost his memory but has a tattoo that is counting down towards zero.
47 minutes
S09 E011 Heaven Sent
The Doctor finds himself haunted by some creature in a maze of rooms.
54 minutes
S09 E012 Hell Bent
The Doctor travels to Gallifrey, trying to save Clara.
60 minutes
S010 E01 The Pilot
The Doctor helps one of his students who’s hunted by someone not quite alive anymore.
50 minutes
S00 E015 The Husbands of River Song
The Doctor is summoned for help by someone who turns out to be River Song.
56 minutes
S00 E016 The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Doctor fights alongside a super hero to save earth from the sinister plan of an Alien species.
60 minutes
S010 E02 Smile
The Doctor and Bill visit a human outpost, but are surprised to find no humans whatsoever.
46 minutes
S010 E03 Thin Ice
The Doctor and Bill visit the last great Frost Fair in 1814 London, and face a creature in the Thames that is after the visitors.
44 minutes
S010 E04 Knock Knock
Bill and her house mates move into a new place, but the Doctor can sense that something is wrong with it.
45 minutes
S010 E05 Oxygen
The Doctor and Bill find themselves on a space station where the inhabitant’s space suits took control.
45 minutes
S010 E06 Extremis
The Doctor is asked by the Pope himself to solve the mystery of a book called Veritas.
49 minutes
S010 E07 The Pyramid at the End of the World
A 5,000 year old pyramid that appeared over night catches The Doctor’s curiosity.
46 minutes
S010 E08 The Lie of the Land
After alien monks took over earth, Bill tries to find the Doctor, who seems to collaborate with them, in order to save humanity.
45 minutes
S010 E09 Empress of Mars
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole find themselves in an arising conflict between British soldiers and alien Ice Soldiers on Mars.
44 minutes
S010 E010 The Eaters of Light
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole travel to 2nd century Scotland to find out what happened to the Roman 9th Legion.
42 minutes
S010 E011 World Enough and Time
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole find themselves on a spaceship trying to avoid being sucked into a black hole.
46 minutes
S010 E012 The Doctor Falls
The Doctor stands with a group of humans to fight an army of cybermen.
61 minutes
S00 E017 Twice Upon a Time
Refusing to regenerate, the Doctor makes a surprising acquaintance at the South Pole.
60 minutes
S011 E01 The Woman Who Fell to Earth
A slightly confused Doctor fights a Stenza warrior collecting human trophies on earth.
63 minutes
S011 E02 The Ghost Monument
The Doctor finds herself on the Final Planet, where she meets two attendants of a race with a very special price that interests herself as well.
49 minutes
S011 E03 Rosa
The Doctor and her companions meet Rosa Park, and someone who tries to change the history of humanity.
50 minutes
S011 E04 Arachnids in the UK
The Doctor and her companions must fight mutated arachnids in a hotel.
49 minutes
S011 E05 The Tsuranga Conundrum
The Doctor and her companions find themselves on a spaceship alongside a creature threatening the safety of their ship.
51 minutes
S011 E06 Demons of the Punjab
The Doctor and her companions visit Yasmin’s grandmother when she was young, and are confronted with demon-like creatures.
50 minutes
S011 E07 Kerblam!
The Doctor and her companions receive a help message, leading them to the biggest retailer in the galaxy.
49 minutes
S011 E08 The Witchfinders
The Doctor and her companions make it to medieval England, where they are caught in the middle of a local witch hunt.
47 minutes
S011 E09 It Takes You Away
The Doctor and her companions meet a teenage girl hiding in a house, convinced the place is haunted by a monster.
49 minutes
S011 E010 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
The Doctor and her companions find themselves on a ship with a crew member who lost his memory.
50 minutes
S012 E01 Spyfall Part One
When special agents all over the world are attacked, the MI6 must rely on the Doctor to solve the mystery.
60 minutes
S012 E02 Spyfall Part Two
When the Master struck a deal that will mean the end for humanity, the Doctor and her companions must stop him.
61 minutes
S012 E03 Orphan 55
The Doctor and her companies go on a vacation, but find their resort invaded by monstrous creatures.
47 minutes
S00 E018 Resolution
When a resurrected Dalek tries to contact his people, the Doctor and her companions must stop him.
60 minutes
S012 E04 Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
When inventor Nikola Tesla gets in the possession of a strange item he claims originates from Mars, he gets the attention of the Doctor shortly after.
51 minutes
S012 E05 Fugitive of the Judoon
When an alien species is looking for a fugitive in Gloucester, the Doctor and her companions step into the game to prevent possible damage.
50 minutes
S012 E06 Praxeus
The Doctor and her companions follow a missing astronaut, strange acting birds, and a submarine that disappeared.
50 minutes
S012 E07 Can You Hear Me?
The Doctor and her companions follow strange happenings from present Sheffield to ancient Syria.
49 minutes
S012 E08 The Haunting of Villa Diodati
The Doctor and her companions visit a mansion at Lake Geneva that appears to be haunted.
50 minutes
S012 E09 Ascension of the Cybermen
The Doctor and her companions join the last humans in their fight against the Cybermen.
49 minutes
S012 E010 The Timeless Children
While her companions must escape hordes of Cybermen, the Doctor is trapped by the Master on Gallifrey and tries to free herself.
66 minutes
S00 E019 Revolution of the Daleks
As the UK introduces modified, machine-only Daleks as a security force, the Doctor and her companions must fight a possible Dalek takeover.
72 minutes
S013 E01 Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse
The Doctor and Yaz follow strange occurrences all over the universe that appeared on Halloween.
50 minutes
S013 E02 Chapter Two: War of the Sontarans
The Doctor and her companions are trapped in different times at different places—Yaz in a temple, asked to do repairs, while the others are facing the Sontarans.
60 minutes
S013 E03 Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time
The Doctor enters a timestorm to save her companions, as she sees the immense risk as the only way to help them.
49 minutes
S013 E04 Chapter Four: Village of the Angels
The Doctor and her companions are fighting Weeping Angels in the same village, but different times.
57 minutes
S013 E05 Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux
The Doctor is taken by the Wheeping Angels and brought to a familiar person, her companions are looking for her in 1904, and UNIT faces a threat from within.
51 minutes
S013 E06 Chapter Six: The Vanquishers
Trapped in three different dimensions, the Doctor must save the universe from its destruction with the help of her companions and allies.
60 minutes
S00 E020 Eve of the Daleks
The Doctor and her companions find themselves trapped in a time loop together with Daleks who want to exterminate them.
59 minutes
S00 E021 Legend of the Sea Devils
The Doctor and her companies find themselves in 19th century China, where they meet a legendary pirate and sea creatures who mean harm to humanity.
47 minutes
S00 E022 The Power of the Doctor
The Doctor is challenged by an old foe who desires nothing less than her destruction and the end of planet earth.
88 minutes